About Girasol Goldsmiths Since 1991

The first question I hear from most new clients is “What in the world does Girasol mean?” The word has two important meanings for our shop. The first is gemological, Girasol means “sun turner” and refers to a bright spot of light that follows the sun in moonstones and many opals. Girasol also means sunflower in most romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Latin etc.) because they turn with the sun. Most of my family hails from Kansas which has thousands of acres of sunflowers. One of my favorite images of Kansas.

The co-founder and President of Girasol Goldsmiths is Michael Croddy who has been building jewelry since 1974. Girasol Goldsmiths has been designing and building fine jewelry since 1991 with an emphasis on clean, contemporary design. One of the founding principles of good design (in my opinion) is that jewelry should be something you love, can wear with anything and don’t have to take off every time you get a little active. I want my pieces to be one of the first things you put on and one of the last you take off!  Please look through our galleries and I hope you see exactly what I mean.


Thank You, Michael